Photo: Karolin Nummert


There is always a reason to visit Tallinn Art Hall, as exhibitions change every couple of months and each time with a newly developed programme of tours and gallery workshops with Sally Stuudio.


Educational tours can be booked during regular opening hours. The minimum number of participants is four and tours can be booked in Estonian, Russian and English, also as an immersive language lesson. For these events there are no extra fees, participants only need a valid exhibition ticket.

Global Control and Censorship educational programme

Exhibition Global Control and Censorship produced by the Goethe Institute and Tallinn Art Hall tackles the digital world from the artist’s perspective. Get the most out of the exhibition – take part in the public programme! The programmes can be requested in Estonian, German, Russian and English, and as a combination of these on request.
NB! Student groups outside Harju County can apply for support for the cost of the bus transport by e-mail: Since the number of places is limited, we cannot guarantee transport for everyone. You will be contacted to clarify the details.


(languages: EST, ENG, RUS)

Ages 7‒9 and 10‒12


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: values competence, social skills, communicative capacity, digital competence

FOCUS: selfie, comfort vs privacy, geolocation


Portable technology – smartphones and smart-watches, tablets, action cameras and so on, make our lives easier and more exciting. With or without our knowledge there is a constant data relay, bits and bytes upload and download, and somewhere data banks are compiled. Often we take a quick snap of ourselves or our friends without even thinking – a selfie or friendsie and post it on social media. At the exhibition, we will examine whether anyone could be monitoring us and what dangers could be lurking in the social-media world. We will seek safe ways of communicating and make educational pictograms about online behaviour with the option of exhibiting them at school.

“Comfort versus Safety”

(languages: EST, ENG, RUS, GER)

Upper grades of secondary and senior secondary school


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: cultural and values competence, social skills and civil competency, technological competence and digital competence

FOCUS: virtual monitoring and being monitored, censorship, safety vs comfort

Contemporary art poses questions and highlights the sore points in society. As part of the “Comfort versus Safety” programme we will examine the exhibition through personal experience. Based on the artworks, we will discuss which is more important while doing things in the virtual world: comfort of safety? The discussion will centre around applications that the majority of young people use every day. For example, we will look at what happens if you allow your Instagram account to use geo-location or automatic locating. With interactive installations, we will compare search engines and their restrictions in various countries and ask ourselves whether it is in our interests for information about us to be gathered, and how useful this is. As a reflection on this, we will make pictograms about safe use of the internet.



(languages: EST, ENG, RUS, GER)

Upper grades of secondary and senior secondary school


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: cultural and values competence, social skills and civil competence, technological competence and digital competence

FOCUS: democracy, control, surveillance society, censorship


The programme is centred around the subjects tackled in George Orwell’s famous novel “1984” and we will combine literature, art, technology and the social sciences. We will ask why monitoring society, control, censorship, and self censorship are still topical in an era of civil activism, social media and civil movements and how. The programme will follow a comparison of German and Estonian digital paradigms or comfort vs safety, pragmatism vs privacy, with argumentative discussion based around the artworks.


NB! For the best experience, it would be useful to prepare by reading Orwell’s novel!


“Forget it!”

Be smart online workshop (in Estonian)

For anyone who is interested



FOCUS: privacy, potential of BigData, artificial intelligence
The lesson is centred around the subject of hopes and fears concerning information technology. We will chart ideas that arise during the visit to the exhibition and find a suitable context for them in either the category of fear or hope. We will then look at these hopes and fears in the light of technological options, which are now available or may be in the near future. We will bring examples of prerequisites that allow hopes to be fulfilled and offer suggestions concerning what we can do in terms of our fears.


At the end of the workshop, we will make a personal plan of action, which could ensure that life in the digital world will be closer to the way you hope it to be and less the way you fear.

Exhibition tours

All ages


A guided tour is the simplest form of educational programme. It is meant for everyone who wants to know more about the exhibition. Our programme manager introduces the ideas behind the exhibition and visitors can ask questions. It is an exciting way to find out more about art. Do not hesitate to register and book a guided tour for whenever is convenient for you. We give these tours for groups of at least four people. In addition to the tours that can be booked here, there are also regular open tours. For more information, see our programme.