Tallinn Art Hall Club

Are you interested in art? Would you like to go to exhibitions more often? Would you like to know more about art? Would you like to make a contribution to art? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you are invited to join the Tallinn Art Hall Club. It is designed for people just like you!

Join the club

Benefits of membership?

  1. Club members have free entrance to all of our exhibitions and audience programmes. You can visit an exhibition every day, if you like. We would be very happy to see you! And anyway, paying the membership fee is considerably cheaper than buying separate tickets.
  2. Club members are offered 5% discount on all products sold at the Tallinn Art Hall, including books in the Art Hall bookstore, Lugemik.
  3. Club members are well informed. Joining the Club, for instance, is the most reliable way to learn about the fascinating events included in the year ahead.
  4. We organise events specifically meant for club members. You will surely get a chance to look behind the scenes at the Art Hall and also talk to the artists and curators.
  5. You are considered our valued partner and supporter that we can turn to for feedback and suggestions about our activities.

Club card and Membership fees?

There is no separate membership card. We use your ID card. To obtain your discount, please bring your ID card with you when you visit the Art Hall.


Membership fees:

Full membership € 24 for 12 months


Concession membership € 14* for 12 months


* Available to students, university students, Estonian pensioners, military service personnel, disabled people, members of the Estonian Artists’ Association, members of the Estonian Society for Education through Art.

Is that all?

No. The Club is a new initiative, and we are continually developing it. The future of the Club and its content depend on all of us. The opinion of its members is important to us.


Let us know what your expectations are of the Tallinn Art Hall and its Club. Write to us at klubi@kunstihoone.ee.

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