Photo: Karolin Nummert


There is always a reason to visit Tallinn Art Hall, as exhibitions change every couple of months and each time with a newly developed programme of tours and gallery workshops with Sally Stuudio.


Educational tours can be booked during regular opening hours. The minimum number of participants is four and tours can be booked in Estonian, Russian and English, also as an immersive language lesson. For these events there are no extra fees, participants only need a valid exhibition ticket.


For additional questions, please call +372 51948419.

Eksperimenta! Disruption of Economy haridusprogramm

“Products For Every Occasion 1”

For the younger and middle level of lower secondary school: design and inventing, recycling, brand


FOCUS: thinking like a designer when designing an object, inventiveness, an artwork as a product

VOCABULARY: design, thinking like a designer

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: social capacity, communication capacity, entrepreneurship


We will study the process of creating products and reflect on the function of objects around us. How many items of different purpose do we use every day, and for which ones of these we could find a new, clever use?

“Products For Every Occasion 2”

For the higher level of lower secondary school and upper secondary school: design, disruption, brand, metaphor and storytelling


FOCUS: designing a brand and the involvement of the user, an artwork as a product

VOCABULARY: brand, design process

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: values capacity, communication capacity, entrepreneurship


Objects often tell us a story about the life and habits of its users or the time of their origin. We will study the process of creating objects and brands, look into the past and future and reflect on the functions of objects around us.

“DIY Eksperimenta!”

For the higher level of lower secondary school and upper secondary school: contemporary art, curating


FOCUS: connections between artworks

VOCABULARY: contemporary art, curating

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: social capacity, communication capacity


How to understand and interpret art? We will open the process of analysing artworks and offer participants an opportunity to re-curate the Eksperimenta! exhibition based on its theme and create a new exhibition project according to their own concept.


For the higher level of lower secondary school and upper secondary school: contemporary art, analysis of artworks


FOCUS: choices in the art making process  

VOCABULARY: contemporary art, analysis of an artwork

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES:  social capacity, communication capacity, capacity to learn


Is less really more? How to visualise an idea? The creation of an artwork as well as an exhibition is a constant decision-making process. “What”, “why” and “how” are the questions that the young artists participating at the triennial have had to answer. We will take time to view their works, create personal associations, study the background information, come to conclusions and take another look.

“School holiday!”

25 –27 October

11.00–13.00 for upper middle school and senior secondary school


NB! 25–27 October

15.00–17.00 for economics and art teachers


Three days and three programmes at the exhibition Eksperimenta!. Look, analyse, curate, design, integrate. Find inspiring connections between different fields. The relationship between art and economics is exciting.

Exhibition tours

All ages


A guided tour is the simplest form of educational programme. It is meant for everyone who wants to know more about the exhibition. Our programme manager introduces the ideas behind the exhibition and visitors can ask questions. It is an exciting way to find out more about art. Do not hesitate to register and book a guided tour for whenever is convenient for you. We give these tours for groups of at least four people. In addition to the tours that can be booked here, there are also regular open tours. For more information, see our programme.