Photo: Karolin Nummert


There is always a reason to visit Tallinn Art Hall, as exhibitions change every couple of months and each time with a newly developed programme of tours and gallery workshops with Sally Stuudio.


Educational tours can be booked during regular opening hours. The minimum number of participants is four and tours can be booked in Estonian, Russian and English, also as an immersive language lesson. For these events there are no extra fees, participants only need a valid exhibition ticket.

Image Drain haridusprogramm

“Interpretation games”

Ages 5‒8

90 min


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: skill to play, ability to perceive and learn, social skills values capacity, social capacity, communication capacity

FOCUS: freestyle analysis of art works


What happens when the curator rejects a specific structure and gives the viewer the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition however they wish? This results in the freedom to look at the exhibition exactly as you wish! “Interpretation games” is a playful space for interpreting the exhibition, where we experience the exhibition alone and in a group, standing or lying down, with our eyes and ears, rationally and emotionally. This focuses on attentive looking, making connections and fantastic stories based on the works. At the end of the lesson we will put together our own exhibition.

“Oh, what a story!”

Ages 9 – 12

90 min


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: values capacity, social capacity, communication capacity

FOCUS: the many interpretations of a single art work


“Oh, what a story!” is an exciting journey through the Photomonth exhibition “Image Drain”, during which we will be able to stretch our body and imagination and tell stories after being attentive. We will experience the exhibition alone and in a group, standing and lying down, with our eyes and ears, rationally and emotionally. In the second half of the lesson we will ask what makes a photograph art and will be putting together our own exhibition using the archive of photographs in our phones.



Ages 13+

90 min


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: Cultural and values capacities, social capacity, digital capacity

FOCUS: creative interpretation of art work


“What if we let go of the idea that an exhibition should reflect something from art or from the surrounding situation? What if we let it be a fiction instead?” asks Anthea Buys, the curator of the exhibition “Image Drain”. Thus, attentive looking at the artworks meets a freedom of interpretation at the exhibition. The results are exciting connections and fictions, story-telling. In the second half of the lesson we will analyse photographs from our personal smartphones to find out what makes a photograph art, and then using these we’ll put together our own curated show.

Exhibition tours

All ages


A guided tour is the simplest form of educational programme. It is meant for everyone who wants to know more about the exhibition. Our programme manager introduces the ideas behind the exhibition and visitors can ask questions. It is an exciting way to find out more about art. Do not hesitate to register and book a guided tour for whenever is convenient for you. We give these tours for groups of at least four people. In addition to the tours that can be booked here, there are also regular open tours. For more information, see our programme.