Photo: Karolin Nummert


There is always a reason to visit Tallinn Art Hall, as exhibitions change every couple of months and each time with a newly developed programme of tours and gallery workshops with Sally Stuudio.


Educational tours can be booked during regular opening hours. The minimum number of participants is four and tours can be booked in Estonian, Russian and English, also as an immersive language lesson. For these events there are no extra fees, participants only need a valid exhibition ticket.


For additional questions, please call +372 51948419.

Marco Laimre. Motor educational programme

Marco Laimre. Motor

Focus: do-it-yourself, the limits of art, freedom
Art vocabulary: installation, ready-made (ages 5-12), conceptual art (13+)
General skills: social skills, self-management skills
General competencies: culture and values competency, social competency
Duration: around 90 minutes


Marco Laimre is not afraid to get oil on his fingers. We are not afraid to get paint on ours. If tuning motorcycles and sploshing through mud is an artist’s freedom, then this time we shall take the liberty to paint right in the Art Hall exhibition room. Inspired by his garage-culture do-it-yourself spirit, we will grab our brushes and paint, look at the pieces on display, and paint our own pop paintings. Why? Because the Art Hall has not had an exhibition of paintings for a long time and we will organise one in the education room, as a satellite of Marco Laimre’s exhibition.

Besides painting, we will find out why there is a saddled tiger at the exhibition, what does it feel like to ride fast, and we will also make some playful jumps beyond the limits of art and back again. In short: let’s make the most of it!


The programme is suitable for kindergarten children to discover, and is also an art class for schoolchildren and, for adults, an inspiring event among friends.