Hasan Elahi. Stelae. Installation. 2015
© ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

“Comfort versus Safety”

(languages: EST, ENG, RUS, GER)

Upper grades of secondary and senior secondary school


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: cultural and values competence, social skills and civil competency, technological competence and digital competence

FOCUS: virtual monitoring and being monitored, censorship, safety vs comfort

Contemporary art poses questions and highlights the sore points in society. As part of the “Comfort versus Safety” programme we will examine the exhibition through personal experience. Based on the artworks, we will discuss which is more important while doing things in the virtual world: comfort of safety? The discussion will centre around applications that the majority of young people use every day. For example, we will look at what happens if you allow your Instagram account to use geo-location or automatic locating. With interactive installations, we will compare search engines and their restrictions in various countries and ask ourselves whether it is in our interests for information about us to be gathered, and how useful this is. As a reflection on this, we will make pictograms about safe use of the internet.