Marc Lee. Me. Web-based interactive installation. 2015
© ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe


(languages: EST, ENG, RUS)

Ages 7‒9 and 10‒12


GENERAL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: values competence, social skills, communicative capacity, digital competence

FOCUS: selfie, comfort vs privacy, geolocation


Portable technology – smartphones and smart-watches, tablets, action cameras and so on, make our lives easier and more exciting. With or without our knowledge there is a constant data relay, bits and bytes upload and download, and somewhere data banks are compiled. Often we take a quick snap of ourselves or our friends without even thinking – a selfie or friendsie and post it on social media. At the exhibition, we will examine whether anyone could be monitoring us and what dangers could be lurking in the social-media world. We will seek safe ways of communicating and make educational pictograms about online behaviour with the option of exhibiting them at school.