The Tallinn Art Hall is a art institution that has operated continually since 1934.
It is one of the most important exhibition halls in Estonia, with a distinguished history and versatile spatial programme. The Art Hall also operates the Art Hall Gallery and the Tallinn City Gallery.
Today, the Art Hall as an institution is changing; our goal is to be a contemporary institution for contemporary people without forgetting our history. This is the temporary website of the Art Hall which is changing just like the institution itself.



Tallinn Art Hall


Address: Vabaduse väljak 8

Open: Wed–Sun 12 noon–6 p.m.

Closed on public holidays

Ticket: EUR 3


Discount ticket:

EUR 2 (students, university students, Estonian pensioners, disabled people [and their companions], members of the armed forces in uniform, groups [10 or more], members of the Estonian Artists’ Association, members of the Estonian Art Teachers’ Association)


Free of charge:

pre-school children (and adult accompanying kindergarten groups); children from orphanages, AICA and ICOM members, journalists with valid press cards, people repressed by foreign powers,  Tallinn Card holders


NB! Discounts apply upon the presentation of the corresponding membership card/certificate (exc. children)


NB! A wheelchair is available in the exhibition hall for those who can climb the stairs with the help of a companion.




Tallinn Art Hall Gallery


Address: Vabaduse väljak 6

Open: Wed–Sun 12 noon–6 p.m.

Closed on public holidays


Ticket: 3€ / 2€




Tallinn City Gallery


Address: Harju 13

Open: Wed–Sun 12 noon–6 p.m.

Closed on public holidays


Ticket: 3€ / 2€





Director: Taaniel Raudsepp

+372 58443547


Project Manager: Karolin Nummert

+372 57702311


Curator: Tamara Luuk

+372 56250197


Curator: Siim Preiman

+372 53432526


Curator: Anneli Porri

Maternity Leave


Accountant: Kaie Siilivask



Public programmes: Sally Stuudio

Minni Hein

Ilmi Paist-Laur

Kalli Kalmet


Cashier: Sveta Haan

tel: +372 58544109 (Wed—Sun, 12.00 — 18.00)


Contact info:


Tallinn Art Hall Fund

Address: Vabaduse väljak 6 Tallinn 10146 Estonia

Reg: 90000127

Vat: EE100559671


Tallinn Art Hall supporters

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Principles for compiling the exhibition programme for the Tallinn Art Hall and galleries:



A curator is responsible for the programme of the Art Hall. The programme is the result of the joint work of the Art Hall team. The curator of the Art Hall is obligated to personally curate one exhibition a year at the Art Hall.



The Art Hall does not favour any one type of art or media over any other; the exhibition programme is motivated by the problems that are important in Estonian life today. We see the Art Hall as a place where answers are sought for the social, aesthetic and existentialist questions that are important in Estonia while not ignoring the global context. The Art Hall is an institution for contemporary Estonian people, and it communicates in a contemporary way. The Art Hall is not a museum, it focuses primarily on the art practices taking place today.



The programme connects the work practices of today’s artists from various generations into an integrated whole; it is able to address and initiate dialogues between creators and recipients with different art experiences here and now.



Here Estonian artist meet with foreign curators and colleagues while Estonian art public gets aquainted with multiplicity of art narratives. Different art histories meet here. A constant multi-level exchange of ideas and creation of art history occurs.



The Art Hall team is constantly working on a programme 24 to 36 months in advance. This long-term strategic planning enables significant art events to be designed by synchronizing the events in the exhibition space with other art institutions and public life more generally.


Art collection
The Art Hall Collection includes about 4,000 works of art created primarily between 1970 and 1990, which can be lent out for a fee. Works are lent out for public exhibitions for free.


Public programme
The Tallinn Art Hall offers a variety of public programmes for different target groups in collaboration with Sally Stuudio.

Please contact us at




Room rental
The rooms in the Tallinn Art Hall are among the most imposing in Tallinn.
Depending on the exhibition underway, it is possible to rent our rooms for various events and celebrations:

How to organise an exhibition at the Art Hall or galleries


The Tallinn Art Hall does not organise public exhibition competitions with deadlines. Our goal is to achieve close cooperation between the Art Hall team, the artists and curators. Everyone who is interested in organising an exhibition at the Art Hall is welcome to submit their ideas. Please send us a short synopsis (up to ½ A4 page), which can be the starting point for a discussion between the Art Hall team and the artist/curator. We accept exhibition ideas and meet with interested parties on an ongoing basis, all the time. If an exhibition is included in the Art Hall programme or that of one of the galleries that it operates, the minimum preparation period is 6 months and the maximum 24 months. A contract will be signed between the Art Hall and the party organising the exhibition.


Programme 2016


Jan 23—Mar 06   Every Letter is a Love Letter. Curator Marge Monko
Mar 19—May 01  Tiit Pääsuke and Kris Lemsalu. Beauty and the Beast. Curator Tamara Luuk
May 14— Jun 19  Spring Exhibition. 16th Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association
Jul 02—Aug 14    Idealists. Exhibition of applied art, curator Karin Paulus
Aug 27—Oct 09   Silence, Darkness. Curator Anneli Porri
Oct 22—Dec 04   Random Rapid Heartbeats. Curator Kęstutis Kuizinas (LT)
Dec 17—Feb 05   Kaido Ole. Nogank Hoparniis. Curator Anneli Porri


Jan 11—Jan 28    Gallery is closed for renovation
Jan 29—Feb 21   Uno Roosvalt. Coloured Songs. Curators Liina Siib and Kaido Ole
Mar 04—Apr 03  Jaan Toomik. Embodiment.
Apr 08—May 08 Sense of Place. Laura Põld (EE), Johna Hansen (SE/DK), Katrine Gram Sloth (DK)
May 14— Jun 19 Spring Exhibition. 16th Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association
July 01—Aug 07 Mihkel Ilus / Marten Esko. Dead End.
Aug 19—Oct 09  Tanel Veenre. Dried, Dehydrated, Dessicated.
Oct 22—Dec 04  Random Rapid Heartbeats. Curator Kęstutis Kuizinas (LT)
Dec 16—Jan 15  Raul Keller / Kaarel Kurismaa / Mari-Liis Rebane / Karl Saks. Timer.


Jan 08—Feb 14   Edith Karlson. Vox Populi
Feb 26—Mar 27  Fideelia-Signe Roots. Happy Women’s Day!
Apr 01—May 01 Tarmo Salin / Ekke Väli
May 14—Jun 12  Spring Exhibition. 16th Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association
Jun 18—Jul 24     Paul Kuimet
Jul 25—Aug 10    Gallery is closed for renovation
Aug 12—Sep 11   Tanel Rander
Sep 23—Oct 16    Infinite Lives. Curators Camille Laurelli (FR / EE) and Nicolas Audureau (FR/RU)
Oct 22—Dec 04    Random Rapid Heartbeats. Curator Kęstutis Kuizinas (LT)
Dec 09—Jan 08    Herkki-Erich Merila