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Render: Salto Architects

Lasnamäe Pavilion

The new pavilion of Tallinn Art Hall in Lasnamäe at Jaan Koorti 24 will open its doors on 19 November 2022!


The opening exhibition „No more Hope for Lovely Creatures“ is curated by Tamara Luuk and is about women and a little bit about men as well. It is about women against the background of men and men against the background of women in our present time when there is still some way to go until the blissful time where “all women will be brothers, and all men will be sisters.” The exhibition is inspired by Alexei Gordin’s 2013 videos, No More Hope for Lovely Creatures and What Junkie Dreamed of Before His Death. Artists participating in the exhibition include Maria Sidljarevich, Vassa Ponomarjova, Anu Põder, Alice Kask, Merike Estna, and others.