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Cristina Lucas, Vexillology, Italians (detail), 2017. 211 photographs, each 18x24 cm. Courtesy the artist and Galeria Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid

100 Matters of National Importance

Estonian History Museum and Tallinn Art Hall joint educational programme


1 March – 27 April


AGE GROUP: For students in lower secondary school (3rd level) and upper secondary school

DURATION: 60 + 60 min

FOCUS: The story of the birth and development of the Estonian nation and statehood; nationalism, nation, state, objectivity and subjectivity, the language of contemporary art

LEARNING OUTCOME: Students will be introduced to the history of the development of Estonian statehood and national identity as well as the events and individuals related to the formation of the Republic of Estonia. They will learn to describe and compare democratic and authoritarian/totalitarian societies; students will be able to analyse the matters of statehood and nationalism from different angles and develop their personal opinion based on that.


I part at the Estonian History Museum:

During the educational programme we will unravel the knots of fascinating events together. How old is the Estonian nation and its national identity? Where does the word ‘Estonian’ come from and who used it first? How old is our state? At the exhibition My Free Country we will focus on the moments, events and individuals of importance in the formation of the Republic of Estonia. Working in groups or in pairs, students will be assigned fascinating tasks related to the birth of our country.


Lunch break: if you want to book lunch in the café of the Estonian History Museum, please check the menu here and send to us your choice via the registration form.


II part at Tallinn Art Hall:

At Tallinn Art Hall we will continue with the topic of statehood already started at the History Museum and search for new perspectives and approaches in the exhibition The State is not a Work of Art. A state is a dynamic entity that is in constant change; there is no single and clear truth. Contemporary art offers a perfect opportunity to address complex and ambiguous topics. These include: What is Estonia, what is nationalism? In which direction is our country going and in which direction would we like it to go? Why do we need a state and what is necessary for a state to exist? What is important to me personally? How to see the grey areas in what seem to be black and white topics?


We will have several playful and humorous discussions during the programme. At the end of the session, students will be assigned a group task to help them analyse the experience of both exhibitions.


Price: 7€ per student, the price of the lunch is available on request