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Dimensions and Proportions

Age group 5–12

Subject: proportions and interpersonal relations

Specialised vocabulary: proportion, installation, social art, symbol, illustration, art object

Duration: 60–90 minutes, depending on the wishes of the group


Flo Kasearu’s art is both immersive and playful at the same time. The artist uses various means of expression, from drawings to video works and spatial installations. For example, we can see illustrations of surprising little things that have irritated people, the quiet power struggle of parents unfolding on the video screen, and dried houseplants that have invaded the exhibition space.


During the Dimensions and Proportions art workshop, younger students will learn how to use proportions to tell important stories about domestic violence and find the way out of it. For example, we will get an idea of the changing ‘game rules’ between people when looking at the disproportionate markings on the games court. We will find out what the dozens of houseplants displayed in the exhibition hall have in common with people and what happens when someone regards something very small as a big deal, or vice versa. We will bring art to life with our movement and position in the exhibition space. Sad and thought-provoking stories lead us to ask how to notice and support each other more. The session also includes a practical creative task of creating images with eloquent proportions.


Participation with an exhibition ticket.



You can also experience this programme remotely. Tallinn Art Hall’s educational programmes are now available on our virtual platform via Zoom. All you need is a good internet connection and the thirst to explore the exciting world of contemporary art! The lessons are guided by our tutors, and our comprehensive virtual overview of the exhibition will make you feel as if you were physically present in the Art Hall! We will tailor our practical creative task according to your preferences. See more at Our fee for the virtual educational programme is 30 euros.