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Tallinna Kunstihoone


Age: 14+ and secondary school; adaptable for 10-13-year-olds  


Focus: happening, a person’s relationship with him/herself, others and space, creating together

Vocabulary: happening, process, abstract art

Universal competencies: culture and value competency, self-definition competency, communication competency

The programme, which is meant for secondary school students and adaptable for those between the ages of 10 and 13, is focused on action art. We examine how artists relate to space and each other, and follow their example! In the video shown at the exhibition called Creativity, we see various experiments conducted by Miklós Erdély and Dóra Maurer in the 1970s to release their students’ creativity.  We will recreate some of them and discover our relationships with our companions and space. The programme, which is focused on action art, is summarised by a happening, that is characteristic of the specific group and will be born on the spot.