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Tallinna Kunstihoone

Ask away!

Tallinn Art Hall educational programme


21 Feb – 27 April


AGE GROUP: 7–12 years
FOCUS: state and nationalism, means of artistic expression
GENERAL COMPETENCES: culture and values, social and civic, self-determination and communication competences
VOCABULARY: symbol, metaphor, installation, sculpture, video art
DURATION: approx. 60 minutes


It is often important in life and in art to ask a good question that makes people think about or notice things. At this exhibition we will explore why artists have brought soil from different countries to the exhibition hall or drawn an entire series about the growing of potato sprouts. Why is the title of the exhibition The State is Not a Work of Art? What is nationalism and why is it topical? What techniques are used by the artists? The fascinating world of contemporary art will be unveiled to us, increasing our constructive curiosity. Come, let’s explore, discuss and play!


Price: 3 € per student