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Layered landscape

Age group: 5+

Focus: physical and meaningful layers of art
Art vocabulary: texture, landscape painting, modernism

Duration: 60-90 minutes depending on the preference of the group


In the educational programme of “Layered Landscape” we take a look at the physical and metaphorical layers of the works displayed. We will take time to enjoy the masterful texture of Olev Subbi’s paintings and discover deep connections with his life and history. Nazim Ünal Yilmaz will show us how a painting can be simultaneously contemporary and inspired by the treasures of art history. In Maya Watanabe’s video, the soil – an essential part of a landscape – literally contains information. Ad Minoliti, on the other hand, creates a parallel world in her pictures, much like Olev Subbi. In the practical creative part of the lesson, we will create a layered landscape, focusing colors, textures and memories. Finally, we will place our works in the context of the exhibition “Olev Subbi: Landscapes from the End of Times”.