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Tallinna Kunstihoone


Ages 5 to 12


Focus: abstract art games, geometric form

Concepts: abstraction, experiment, form, structure

Universal competencies: cognitive and learning skills, game skills; culture and value competency; communication competency


Why do artists return time and again to simple geometric shapes – circles, squares and triangles? What is the appeal of abstract art? What do artists engage with and how? Together we will explore works that depict the relationship between space and ancient abstract shapes. We will create our own rules and conduct a playful art experiment!



Age: 13+


Focus: self-expression and relating to one’s surroundings, abstract and geometric forms, public perception

Concepts: experiment, form, abstraction, geometry, composition, process

Universal competencies: culture and value competency; communication competency

The artists participating in the exhibition use the concept of ‘open form’ as a way of getting involved in one’s surroundings and rethinking the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. At the same time, the relationship is not political, but is rather the active creation of one’s own world. Inspired by the works of Sirje Runge and Dóra Maurer, we will seek adventure together in the transitional areas between abstraction and form. We will establish the rules and also discover the freedom to simply go along with the process. And although usually, nothing in an exhibition should be touched, this time we will accept Falke Pisano’s suggestion to alter the exhibition space.