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… and Other Shades of Light. Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder

Curator: Siim Preiman

The exhibition … and Other Shades of Light brings together painter Kristi Kongi and photographer Krista Mölder. Colour, its flickering, changeability and influence on our senses play an important role in the work of both artists, yet one of them prefers bright and unearthly tones, whereas the other is fond of modest shades characteristic of northern nature. Both artists proceed from spatial experience, that is, a place or an encounter adaptation which usually results in a work of art. They both can create comprehensive art spaces as well as flat rectangular hanging objects. It is too early to say if their constellation will be pleasantly harmonious or stimulatingly dissonant.

Kristi Kongi focuses on colour, light and space, and her work often takes the form of all-encompassing installations. She has studied painting at Tartu Art College and completed her master’s degree in the painting department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her recent exhibitions include Human as a Plant in Haapsalu City Gallery (2019), Secret Whistle in the Forest (with Mari-Leen Kiipli) in Kogo Gallery (2018) and Alchemists, Artists, Cleaners and Others (with Kasper Bosmans) in Kumu Courtyard (2018).


Krista Mölder explores the relationship between people and environment through allusions and metaphors. She studied photography at Tartu Art College and Westminster University and graduated in 2006 from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her recent solo exhibitions include You Were A Bird at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (2020), Before the Sun Blinded Our Eyes at Hop Gallery (2020) and Yes, I Often Came By Here at ARS Showroom Gallery (2019).