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Children’s workshop and tour at the exhibition “Chameleon“

On 27 January, the final day of Varvara and Mar’s exhibition “Chameleon”, a workshop for children will take place, followed by an exhibition tour for grown-ups.


Using the language of interactive installations, the exhibition “Chameleon” by the artist duo Varvara &  Mar at Tallinn City Gallery explores the complex identity crisis in a globalised cosmopolitan world. Who are the superpowers of our society? What meaning does a national flag carry today and how does nationalism fit into a globalised society?


Inspired by Varvara and Mar’s artwork “One Flag Every Day” that covers the walls of City Gallery with fictional national flags, the workshop will give children a chance to create their own flag, using different traditional elements of national flags, such as stars, stripes, and various other symbols. If you could create your own flag, what would it look like? Supplies are provided on site. Estonian, Russian and English-speaking children ages 4-10 are welcome to participate!


Register to the workshop:


The workshop will be followed by a tour of the exhibition for grown-ups.



14:00 Children’s workshop

17:30 Tour for grown-ups


The event will be led by the artist Varvara Guljajeva. Free of charge.