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Day of games at the exhibition Bricollage

Erki  Kasemets and Camille Laurelli, the artists of the Bricollage exhibition, are known for their love of games. We therefore kindly invite you to a day of games on Saturday, 4 November at 2 pm in Tallinn City Gallery, where the artists and the curator will bringboth Soviet-era and modern board games to play with each other and with the guests. Among them are also two games created by Erki Kasemets himself. We are also planning a big competition to see whose ball will go through the kinetic installation In-Out the fastest. If you wish, you can bring your own ball for this!


Bricollage is a labyrinth-like exhibition on reuse and playfulness, based on the three-way ping-pong of ideas between the artists and the curator. The display features light, kinetics, interactivity, readymades and textiles. Rather than finger-wagging and moralising, it deals with figurative issues, yet it is still performative and active in its own way, rather than static or passive. The exhibition curated by Siim Preiman will remain open until 5 November.