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Drawing Club at the exhibition “Trance”

Contemporary exhibitions evoke emotions, memories and new perspectives in us, and responses that we might not expect. Yet, to delve deeper into the concepts and practices of artworks and artists, there are different approaches that offer practical observation which helps to find focus and new points of connection – a group drawing club facilitated by artist Andrey Kedrin opens up the possibility to experience the exhibition in another light.


On 18th October, from 17.00 we invite you to participate in the first drawing group taking place in Lasnamäe Art Hall Pavilion where the participants will use different drawing materials to explore new ways to relate to artworks from the exhibition “Trance” curated by Ilari Laamanen as part of the Tallinn photomonth main exhibition.


Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their drawing experience. There will be materials provided in the Pavilion, but we encourage you to bring your own notebooks.

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