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“The Yes Men Fix the World” at cinema “Sõprus”

The Yes Men are an activist culture jamming duo from USA. Relying on the belief that lies can uncover the truth, they have since 1996 been using tactical media to point the finger at the sore points of a globalized world. For example they’ve created fake websites for different global institutions (for example the WTO) and posed as representatives of these institutions on television and at conferences. In the film “The Yes Men Fix the World” they take on Dow Chemical, responsible for the Bhopal catastrophe in India, oil and gas corporation ExxonMobile and look into the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in USA. The film is in English with English subtitles.


The Art Hall exhibition “The Art of Being Good” will be concluded with a three-day public program including performances, tours and film screenings. “The Art of Being Good” is an attempt to produce an exhibition suitable for a world struggling with the current global crisis. The finissage program also directs special attention towards the possibility of being good and ecologically responsible in the circumstances of certain ruin.


Admission to all events with an exhibition ticket. A single ticket is valid the whole weekend.


More about the exhibition: