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Korr-korr (Borborygmus) #2: Maria Muuk in the open bread baking workshop Bread Will Bring Us Together

On Saturday, 2 September, you are kindly invited to participate in the second workshop of the food-themed event series Korr-korr (Borborygmus) at our Lasnamäe Pavilion, where we will bake bread under the guidance of Maria Muuk. The workshop will be open throughout the pavilion’s opening hours (12–19), so you are welcome to join the other bakers at any time. However, we recommend that you set aside a couple of hours to try your hand at making a sourdough and yeast bread, as well as tasting the baked result. The flour, the oven, the tips and all other ingredients are provided by us. We will enjoy the freshly baked breads together, and between 6 and 7 pm, we will also look back on the workshop day. Participation in the workshop is free for everyone!


Maria Muuk started baking dark sourdough bread five years ago while studying in Amsterdam. As she says: “Since then, bread has been my companion, a way of working my way through complex material, finding fellow eaters and tackling important issues. Through flour, farming and the food cycle, bread leads to reflections on how fragile our industrialised societies will become in the coming years, which activities and forms of life would be most appropriate to cultivate in this ecological disaster, and how to truly move towards these activities. In search for answers to these questions this summer, I have been gathering my long-fermented ideas, examples and materials on eco-communities. The idea of moving to the countryside to live in a self-sustaining collective seems inspiring, daunting and inevitable at the same time. Where should we start? What experiences, ideas and resources can we share? How can we live, work and own things together, without injustice and alienation? The rising bread dough will provide us the time to discuss these matters.”

Maria Muuk has worked as a pastry chef, graphic designer, researcher-writer, curator, community gardener and soon also as a carpenter. She has experienced burnout in most of these professions; her latest burnout resulted in an article for Müürileht, How To Reuse Your Soul? (Kuidas taaskasutada hinge?, in Estonian):


Korr-korr (Borborygmus) is a series of lectures, workshops, talks and joint cooking sessions, featuring a variety of creators and thinkers in whose work preparing and sharing food holds a special place. This autumn it will be Ulla Juske, Eva Järv, Hanna Piksarv, Maria Muuk, Sandra Kosorotova and Üle Prahi Collective rumbling their stomachs at Korr-korr (Borborygmus).

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