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Life Can Be Never Stopped (working title)

Curated by Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko

Life never comes to a standstill. Whether we embrace it or not, the relentless march of life persists, compelling us to carry on with our daily routines each morning. Or does it? This poses another question worth contemplating. Amidst the constant backdrop of global warming, war, inflation and social disintegration, how do we navigate our basic human concerns, grappling with sadness and frustration in the midst of it all? How can we embark on a new day when the previous one was challenging, our preceding week was harrowing, or the entire month felt disheartening? The group exhibition features artworks that capture the essence of the desire to simply curl up in a ball. Yet, it explores more than just that. Could there be better alternatives to retreating within ourselves?


Participating artists: Darja Morozova, Lauri Lest and Silva Eher

Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko (b. 1994) is an art historian and critic equally interested in earlier art history and contemporary art. As a researcher she has published a chapter in Stodom’s exhibition catalogue STODOM: A Combination of Letters that Changed Estonian Photography. Her exhibition reviews have been published in several Estonian publications. In 2021, Kuzmenko contributed to the preparation of the annual exhibition of the Estonian Association of Architects.