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Making Another World Possible. Classroom in Crisis

room A 501

“Making Another World Possible Conversations Series” presents engaging discussions on topics concerning the Estonian context and the global cultural art scene. Prominent speakers will include international artists, curators, collectors, educators, activists, and other cultural practitioners, shedding critical light on topical issues. All conversations will take place at The Estonian Academy of Arts.


The Conversation Series is programmed as a preamble to the book Making Another World Possible : 10 Creative Time Summits, 10 Global Issues, 100 Art Projects (Routledge, 2019) edited by Corina L. Apostol and Nato Thompson and produced by Creative Time, a landmark publication which takes stock of socially engaged cultural practices dealing with the urgency of contemporary social movements. Complete with a selected timeline of socially engaged art by the collective Chto Delat, the book offers a review of the current state of the field, a dive into ten global issues through commissioned essays, and showcases one hundred inspiring artistic projects from around the world.

Classroom in Crisis


Participants: Ahmet Ögüt, Jasmina Tumbas, Kristi Ockba, Maarin Ektermann


Conflicts and struggles in the field of creative education are at the core of determining what kind of subjectivities will shape the culture(s) of future generations. What is currently at stake across various spaces of learning and pedagogy? What are some possible emancipatory approaches to education today, which resist pressing commercial demands for flexible and “creative” subjectivities, in the face of cuts in state funding?


Ahmet Ögüt is a conceptual artist living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He works with a broad range of media including video, photography, installation, drawing and printed media. In 2012, he initiated The Silent University, a solidarity-based knowledge exchange platform by displaced people and forced migrants.


Dr. Jasmina Tumbas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies at University of Buffalo. She co-founded THE PUBLIC SCHOOL Durham in 2010, an independently operated learning community open to the public, where she taught classes on East European film, queer cinema, and contemporary art.


Kristi Ockba is an Estonian-Yemeni Humanitarian Aid Expert at Mondo in Tallin. Mondo is the largest Estonian non-profit organisation devoted to development cooperation, global education and humanitarian aid.


Maarin Ektermann is an art critic and the Head of Centre for General Theory Subjects at the Estonian Academy of Arts.