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SOLO / Robert Jürjendal – charity concert in support of Ukraine

On Sunday, 29 May at 4 pm, the SOLO concert series at Tallinn Art Hall will present Robert Jürjendal and his guitar of hundred voices!


GUITAR OF HUNDRED VOICES is Robert Jürjendal’s experimental solo project since 2013. In addition to various guitars, he also uses a lot of electronics which vary by concert venue. He prefers to perform in old churches and industrial buildings, where the electronic guitar sounds are complemented by the acoustics characteristic of the venue. At his concert in Tallinn Art Hall, his music sounds together with the vibrant and playful exhibition We’ll Be Right Back, You Just Keep Playing, open for the last day.


Robert Jürjendal is a guitarist, composer and producer who has contributed to more than 60 albums. Among many Estonian artists and ensembles, he has collaborated with the Weekend Guitar Trio, Tõnis Mägi, Riho Sibul, UMA, Suurõ Pilvõ, Kaido Kirikmäe, Vox Clamantis and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. His musical partners also include Petri Kuljuntausta, Toyah Willcox, Markus Reuter, David Rothenberg, Volkmar Zimmermann, Jan Bang, Colin Edwin, Arve Henriksen, Sandor Szabo, Jon Durant and many others. Besides musicians, Jürjendal has performed with priest Jaan Tammsalu, writer and semiotician Valdur Mikita and poet Doris Kareva.
Jürjendal’s albums from recent years include Five Seasons (Albany Records 2018), Another World with Colin Edwin (Hard World 2018), Echolocation IV–V, Aquarius with Sandor Szabo and Balasz Major (Gray Disc 2019/2020), The Power of Distance with Miguel Noya (NEWdOG Records 2019) and Across the Evening with Jon Durant (2020). He has released four solo albums: Source of Joy (Unsung Records 2013), Balm of Light (iapetus media 2015), Simple Past feat. Andrus Lillepea (Strangiato Records 2017) and Water Finds a Way (NEWdOG Records 2021).


Jürjendal has performed as a solo artist as well as in various ensembles at prestigious festivals in Latvia, Lithuania, the Nordic countries, Austria, Germany, Poland, France, Ireland, Russia, Moldova, the USA, Japan and Hungary and elsewhere. Since 2015, he is the curator of the SOLO concert series at Tallinn Art Hall. In 2016, Robert Jürjendal was awarded the Musician of the Year by the music editors of Estonian Public Broadcasting. He currently performs mainly as a solo artist and in duo with his son Anti Jürjendal (cello).


Entrance to the concert with Tallinn Art Hall exhibition ticket. Tickets are also available at Fienta.


The SOOLO concerts are organised in collaboration with the Tallinn Art Hall, curator Robert Jürjendal.


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