Taavi Suisalu. "Waiting for the light". 2018

Taavi Suisalu. Light Between the Oceans

Light Between the Oceans focuses on the light that sprawls at the bottom of the ocean as a network of thread-like rays, passing through areas where no other light can reach. For societies interconnected with technology, the light which carries the bulk of the intercontinental information flow is as essential as sunlight is for plants. This light has acquired a geological nature. Driven by milliseconds, it presses through mountains; driven by communication, it permeates the dimness of oceans, eventually freezing in the form of a bluish sheen on our faces.


Taavi Suisalu (b. 1982) uses the means of technological, sound and performance art to activate peripheral areas as peculiar encounters. His work emerges from the relationships of contemporary society and technologies and their impact on the behaviour, senses and thinking of social beings. Suisalu’s works combine cultural phenomena with contemporary cultural practices and a more traditional mindset.