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A Place Between Night and Day

Curated by Brigit Arop

The exhibition fosters connections among artists, driven by their creative expressions. Exploring various facets, they delve into matters concerning urban space, architecture and personal space. At times, modernist, poetic or queer-feminist perspectives intersect, while in other instances, they seamlessly blend, unraveling cultural and social values associated with the landscape and (urban) space. Visions oscillate between the past and the future, enabling artists to abstract everyday life to the boundary between the known and unknown.

Brigit Arop is a Tallinn-based freelance art professional with a foundation in semiotics. Her primary activities involve curating, writing, assisting and teaching. She is drawn to artworks that employ autotheory, poetry, material-sensitive approach and humour to challenge ingrained values.


Arop graduated from the University of Tartu with a bachelor’s degree in semiotics and cultural theory and from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a master’s degree in curation. Her latest curatorial projects are the group exhibition Greetings, and Whatever Customarily Restores a Bond About to Break at Kogo Gallery in Tartu (2023) and the duo exhibition of Maria Izabella Lehtsaar and Sarah Nõmm, Beauty in the Belly of the Beast at Draakon Gallery in Tallinn (2023, curated with Anita Kodanik).