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Alice Kask, Neeme Külm, Jass Kaselaan, Holger Loodus. Game of Four

Neljal käel – Nelinpeli museossa – Game of Four is a collaborative exhibition organized by the Tallinn Art Hall and the Joensuu Art Museum ONNI, which includes the works of fours artists – Alice Kask, Neeme Külm, Jass Kaselaan and Holger Loodus. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for the Finnish public to experience the poetic approach to the world that is typical of Estonian artists, and their courage to deal with truly great and universal themes. The exhibition is the conceptual continuation of the exhibition called ALICE, NEEME & JASS, which just completed its run at the Kunsthalle Helsinki that was very popular. This exhibition will be open until 5 May 2019.  


Neeme Külm’s installation called 28 Prayers is comprised of 27 prayer stools and life jackets that allude to the invisible presence of the British in their former collective brotherhood (also known as the EU); Holger Loodus’s installation Volume II examines the simultaneously captivating and cruel belief in the progress of modernism, which is still impacting us today, and the collapse of which is accompanied by the individual lives that stand on the clay feet of our social structure. Alice Kask’s four paintings comprise a composition of gestures by powerless paper beings and powerful men, with one not noticing the other although they are living in a common space.


Jass Kaselaan’s diverse group of lined-up concrete Toys accompanies this concurrently serious and sad, but thoroughly realistic survey of the situation. The exhibition begins with this harmless, even amusing group of toys and this was not followed by the ruthless worldviews of his colleagues, one might think that life is rosy.


Thank you: Kaie ja Rein Loodus, Tanel Paliale, Krista Rambak, Tõnu Narro, Mihkel Ilus, Marinepool Sportartikel GmbH & Co. KG