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Artist panel: David Haines, Juliet Jacques, Mahmoud Khaled & Marge Monko

Please join us on 28 August from 16:00 for a panel discussion with artists in the exhibition “Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)” (Curated by Katerina Gregos), which explores the state of love and intimate relations in the age of the Internet, social media, neo-liberal capital and globalisation.


Artists David Haines, Juliet Jacques, Mahmoud Khaled and Marge Monko will introduce their projects in relation to some of the major questions raised by the exhibition: At a time of increasing alienation, individualism and loneliness – symptoms of our world’s increasingly urbanised, digitally networked lifestyles – the exhibition prompts us to think how we can we reclaim meaningful relationships and unconditional love as a potent emotional force and intense psychological bond between people that gives meaning to our lives in ways that no other interaction, ‘object’ or experience can? How can love be rescued from the claws of capital and the corporate technosphere?


The panel is moderated by Tallinn Art Hall curator Corina L. Apostol.


David Haines is a British/Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. He studied at Camberwell School of Art (UK) and The Rijksakademie (NL). He works mainly with drawing, painting and video.


Juliet Jacques is a writer and a filmmaker based in London. She has published three books, with the most recent being “Variations” (2021). She also teaches art and creative writing, and hosts the podcast “Suite(212)”, which looks at the arts in their social, political and cultural contexts.


Mahmoud Khaled lives and works in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts at the Alexandria University in Egypt and Trondheim University in Norway. His work spans video, photography, sculpture, installation, sound and text.


Marge Monko lives and works in Tallinn She studied in the Estonian Academy of Arts and in HISK in Ghent, and works with photography, video and installation. Her works are influenced by the theories of psychoanalysis, feminism and visual culture. She currently teaches in the Photography Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts.


The event is held in English, duration 1,5 h. Entrance with a valid exhibition ticket.


NB! A valid proof of one of the following must be shown at entrance:
a) COVID-19 EU vaccination certificate
b) COVID-19 certificate of recovery
c) a negative PCR-test (within 72h prior entrance)