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August Künnapu and Evi Tihemets. Happiness and Everything Else

Curator: Tamara Luuk

One of the most brilliant representatives of the heyday of Estonian print art, Evi Tihemets is a playful artist capable of generalisation and curious enough to experiment and make exhibitions even when approaching 90. Her large-scale, forceful print art and small bright-coloured paintings from the early 1960s proudly align with August Künnapu’s real-life scenes painted in sharp colour segments. The works of both artists are painterly and print-like at the same time.


Evi Tihemets graduated from the State Art Institute in 1958 as a book designer and has worked as a freelance artist ever since. In the 1960s she took an active part in the Estonian art innovation movement, being among the first to introduce colourful abstract images into our print art. Tihemets has had many solo and group exhibitions and received prizes from print art triennials in Tallinn and Krakow. She has also received the Eduard Wiiralt Award and is a two-times recipient of the Kristjan Raud Prize.


August Künnapu (1978) studied at the Estonian Institute of Humanities (1996–1997), followed by architecture studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts (1997–2001) and a summer course at the Slade School of Art in London (2000). Since 2005 he has been the editor of the newspaper Epifanio. In 2007, August Künnapu’s paintings were recognised with the Konrad Mägi Medal and Art Award, and in 2018 with the Kristjan Raud Prize.