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Chasing the Devil to the Moon

Curator: Corina L. Apostol

Chasing the Devil to the Moon is an exhibition curated by Corina L. Apostol taking the form of an open call addressed to artists and creators from the Baltics for an artistic commission of recolouring the moon. Faced with such a not-so-improbable task, how would an artist or collective of artists go about it?


Proposals that take on this commission will raise questions and provide propositions and commentary that unpacks some of the issues at stake when taking on such a monumental task. The moon is an image of power and, at the same time, a new frontier for power – a site of inward and outward pressures, of the struggle for autonomy and colonial control. What are the role of art and the artist in these configurations of power? Focused on a single initial hypothesis that can be deconstructed from different philosophical, practical, political and social angles, artists are invited to consider the importance of context in art and culture, as it is perceived through our and others’ speculations.