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Dance performance “A Woman’s Everyday Dance”

On Sunday, 14 April at 2pm, Marta Jorits and Dancest will present a dance performance, A Woman’s Everyday Dance at Liina Siib’s exhibition, Politics of Paradise.


Marta Jorits is a dancer originally from Põlva who has set up a dance studio for Estonians in Finland, which is home for a few hundred amateur dancers from Estonia. In short, Marta is trainer, dancer, entrepreneur, mother and wife. A restless and tireless soul who constantly wants to organise and arrange things.

Dancest is a dance and exercise studio for Estonians in Helsinki, which is increasingly attracting dancers of other nationalities. Sessions are held in Estonian, Finnish and English. More than 200 Estonians train, study and develop at the studio, over half of them children. The studio plays an important role in bringing together Estonians living in Finland and maintaining the Estonian language as a mother tongue for children living abroad. This year, the Dancest Dance and Training Studio is celebrating its seventh birthday. The activities of the largest community of Estonians in Finland have even been featured in one of the largest local newspapers, Helsingin Sanomat.


Attendance with an exhibition ticket.