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Finissage of the main exhibition “Trance”: Curatorial tour and artist talk

Join us this Saturday, November 25, at 18.00 for a special event during the last weekend of 7th Tallinn Photo Month main exhibition, “Trance.” Take a guided tour of the exhibition with curator Ilari Laamanen, and engage in a conversation with artists Norman Orro and Joonas Timmi as they discuss their sound sculpture titled “Wind as Murmur, Cypher and Enchanted Reckoner” (2023).


The tour will be conducted in English and is free of charge.

Ilari Laamanen is an independent curator based in New York. Through his projects he contemplates on challenges and possibilities of communication in hyperconnected culture. He worked as the Director of Programs at the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York (2013–2020) where he co-founded and led the MOBIUS Fellowship Program for independent and institutional curators. Laamanen received his MA in Curating, Managing and Mediating Art at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and his BA in Media studies at the University of Turku.


Norman Orro is an Estonian artist and musician working at the junction of ecology, technology and humanities. His sound art project Music For Your Plants offers a sonic exploration of the post-human condition through a world in which objects are given agency to converse through audible frequencies. Using speculative and machine assisted compositions the project attempts to bridge an artificial divide between nature and culture, there is an ominous but pleasing tone to the interplay of semantic and atmospheric sounds — the human voice spoken by a machine becomes a bird call for the rocks. Active since 2010 the project has manifested in concept albums, visual essays and installations with notable collaborations including a soundtrack for the China Pavilion in the 56th Venice Biennale, audiovisual web-installations for DISmagazine and Ofluxo and performances at Creamcake festival and Creepy Teepee.


Joonas Timmi delves into the modern identity of craftsmanship, seamlessly fusing traditional woodworking methods with contemporary technologies such as VR modeling, 3D printing, and CNC milling. His work is an exploration of the human experience, where he seeks to uncover the psychological layers that reside within our material possessions. Through his creations, he aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of functionality. His work is characterized by its naturalistic forms and an almost human-like presence, inviting the viewer to question the role of objects in our lives and their ability to evoke emotion.