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Jana Shostak & Jakub Jasiukiewicz charity auction

Jana Shostak (1993) and Jakub Jasiukiewicz (1983) are artists based in Poland whose practice includes video art, performance and installation. At the exhibition „The Art of Being Good“ they exhibit the TV-program „Guided Tour“ where Shostak presents two of her earlier works together with a trailer for „Miss Polonii“, a staged documentary film they are making together with Jasiukiewicz depicting her candidacy for a beauty pageant.

Jakub Jasiukiewicz will travel to the finissage on a bicycle, covering more than 1000 kilometers from Poznan, Poland to Tallinn. With the charity auction the artists are collecting support for Jana’s father Stanislav Shostak to support his fight against cancer.


The Art Hall exhibition “The Art of Being Good” will be concluded with a three-day public program including performances, tours and film screenings. “The Art of Being Good” is an attempt to produce an exhibition suitable for a world struggling with the current global crisis. The finissage program also directs special attention towards the possibility of being good and ecologically responsible in the circumstances of certain ruin.

Admission to all events with an exhibition ticket. A single ticket is valid the whole weekend.