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Jenny Grönholm. Future memories

Curator: Tamara Luuk

On Friday, 20 January at 6 pm, Jenny Grönholm’s solo exhibition Future Memories will be opened at the Tallinn City Gallery. Going through her memories when searching for material for her paintings, the artist interweaves the associations from her inner world with imaginary time-spaces, presenting them to the viewer with evocative power. Her slightly melancholic works are characterised by muted earth tones that blend her depicted subjects with the background.


Born in Finland where she also started her education, Jenny Grönholm later arrived in Tallinn as an Erasmus exchange student and obtained her Master of Arts degree in Estonia where she has now found a home and place of creation. Alongside experimenting with different media, she arrived at painting, following her own path as a determined self-taught artist. Characteristically of the Grönholm, Future Memories is a suggestive exhibition that looks both into the past and the future, standing firmly on the ground while having its head in the clouds at the same time.


“Connections borne from emotional memory and visionary associations guide Jenny’s art-making even when their initial impulse comes from an experience received from outside. The ability to notice the unity of animals, nature and man, the “hands in soil” mentality of a farmer, rather than a noble or sophisticated way of thinking – all this is present in her pictures. Blurring the individual facial features, she brings before us the basic and simple way of being that is characteristic of country people, like an archetype of life that we have forgotten. Past plans and future memories are inextricably intertwined in Jenny’s work, turning the reality of no man’s time a place of encounter between the artist, the viewer and the image,” curator Tamara Luuk describes the exhibition.


You are invited to the opening of the exhibition on 20 January at 6 pm. A public guided tour at the exhibition with the artist will be held on 21 January at 2 pm. From 28 January, 30-minute guided tours in Estonian will be held at the gallery every Saturday at lunchtime.

Jenny Grönholm (1988) is a painter who graduated from the faculties of fine arts  (BA, 2015) and installation and sculpture (MA, 2018) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has previously studied at Helsinki Art High School, Västra Nylands Finland-Swedish Folk High School, in Suomenlinna and at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. In addition to painting, she has worked in the media of printmaking, ceramics, jewellery and performance art. Her most recent solo exhibitions were at Rüki Gallery in Viljandi in 2021 and Galleria Huuto in Helsinki in 2022.