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Judith Seng. Acting Things VIII – Silent Negotiations

Curator: Sandra Nuut

The exhibition Acting Things…, which moves along the frontiers of exploratory design and visual arts, explores the non-verbal ways of communication and exchange of ideas. Human bodies step in a dialogue with the shifting material at their disposal – in this case, coloured sand and the symbolic values assigned to it. The display is based on the exhibition practice of the Berlin-based designer Judith Seng and her studio, proceeding from the possibilities of process design.


Judith Seng is a Berlin-based designer who explores the possibilities of expanded design practice. Seng has graduated from the Institute of Product and Process Design at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK), where she was supervised by the late Enzo Mari and Hans Roericht. Her design work ranges from applied and everyday to international exhibitions and the academic realm. As a fellow at the UdK Berlin she initiated the experimental production series Acting Things in which process design is explored with elements and methods from the performing arts. Seng works also as a professor at HDK Gothenburg, Sweden.


Sandra Nuut is an educator working at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her work includes lecturing, writing, and curatorial projects in the design field. Nuut has studied Art History at the Estonian Academy of Arts and graduated the MFA Design Criticism program at the School of Visual Arts. Together with Ott Kagovere she is behind the monthly publication Dear Friend that covers issues of design and culture. Nuut has previously worked at New York-based gallery Chamber.