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Karl Saks “State and Design”

programme of performances FULL ZERO

On Wednesday 12 April at 7pm the third in the series FULL ZERO will take place in the large hall at Tallinn Art Hall. On this occasion, author and presenter Karl Saks has been invited to the gallery space to present his State and Design, originally performed at Kanuti Gildi SAAL.


Until now, the production has been performed in a black box characteristic of the theatre; now both the audience and the performer have the chance to face up to a challenge created largely by a change of setting – finding themselves in a vast gallery space instead of a theatre. Examining what we do and how we see when the spatial context surrounding a production is changed – what triggers us, what does curiosity and nakedness consist of, what are the mutual relations between the spatial context, and active attention and participation.


All are welcome, certainly those who have already seen the production in the theatre hall because it will be all the more interesting to observe and witness the new creation.


State and Design is a solo-production by Karl Saks (that debuted October 2016 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL) performed through the hierarchy of the courtroom. The executive power and the suspects are represented by archetypes, the elements and artefacts are used as evidence and in the witness stand sits a startled artist. To find a proper solution, paragraphs from rituals and an archive of confessions from the dead are incorporated. Arguments and objections are mediated by the legitimate physical hierarchy and the shameless, formal choreography.



The production has been nominated for theatre awards as the best dance-production as well as in the joint category of performance art.



The Tallinn Art Hall FULL ZERO programme is an invitation to see theatre in a gallery, taking advantage of the pause between exhibitions to invite the public to see theatre in a large white space.
The aim of this invitation is to address important moments in the development and self-awareness of both visual art and traditional and contemporary theatre, therein also emphasising the post-performance discussion in which contemporary theatre and contemporary art meet as equals, as equal parts of contemporary art.


FULL ZERO is a statement for today. Although offering explanations, it is also a changing, evolving and willingly undefined and unsettled visitor to art.


Tickets from Piletimaailm or at the gallery before the performance 7€.


The curator of the FULL ZERO programme of performances is Kadri Noormets.