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Korr-korr #4. Christmas special!

On Thursday, 21 December, artist Hanna Samoson will host the fourth joint cooking session in the Korr-korr (Borborygmus) event series at the Lasnamäe Pavilion. For many people, Christmas is a time when they rush around Estonia from one feast to another. However, there are also those who have the exact opposite experience. Anyone who, for one reason or another, longs for oven-baked potatoes, sauerkraut, blood sausage (we also offer vegetarian ones!), cowberry sauce and good company, is warmly welcome to join our meal. The table is set from 3 pm until the pavilion closes at 6 pm.

Samoson’s exhibition Magic is sometimes very close to nothing at all is an exhibition about the loss caused by a great flood, coming to terms with this loss, letting go of the previous world order and building a new world from the ruins of the past life. In the Lasnamäe Pavilion, visitors embark on a journey formed by videos, stone sculptures and installations, which engages us, but leaves things open, reflecting the artist’s realisation that every ending is always the beginning of something new.


Korr-korr (Borborygmus) is a series of lectures, workshops, talks and joint cooking sessions, featuring a variety of creators and thinkers in whose work preparing and sharing food holds a special place. The previous hosts, rumbling their stomachs at Korr-korr, include Ulla Juske, Eva Järv, Hanna Piksarv, Maria Muuk and Üle Prahi Collective.