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“Catch Error Throw Exception”

As our lives are more and more digitally controlled, our bodies’ relationship to the environment has also changed in profound ways. Laura Kuusk’s solo exhibition “Dear Algorithm,” curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, explores the productive tension between our desire to adapt and survive on the one hand, and our resistance to the logic of codes, on the other.


The show will remain open until March 29th. On 27. February at 18:00 we invite you to experience the performance “Catch Error Throw Exception” by Laura Cemin that reflects upon the role of computational thinking and algorithms in our daily life.


“Catch Error Throw Exception”
Performance, 30’


A parenthesis. A dash. Two dots and a single word.
Again. Repeat. The same but slightly different.
A signal. We change the scenario.


The work reflects upon the role of computational thinking and algorithms in our daily life. How do they operate, who is in control – we are asking.
Through a series of gestures, repetition, and strategies, a game is at play. The rules, however, might seem difficult to grasp. The audience, apparently set to be the witness of the match, might find itself to be the judge, the master, or perhaps the main variable of this equation.

Concept: Laura Cemin, in dialogue with Laura Kuusk and Stefano Cemin
Choreography: Laura Cemin & the performers
Performers: Hanna Junti, Joonas Tagel, Sylvia Koster


Laura Cemin (f. 1992 Italy), is an Italian performer and visual artist.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Photography and a degree in Dance in Italy, she moved to Sweden where she recently obtained her Master’s degree in Fine Arts.
She is interested in performative gestures, which can appear in different forms such as live performances, installations, and text. In her current work, she explores the relationship between movement and language and how this language shapes and influences the way we move and physically interact. She has been awarded the Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet prize as best graduate student 2019. Her work has been presented internationally in galleries, theatres, and museums, such as Norrlandsoperan (SE), Bildmuseet (SE) and Kiasma (FI).

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