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Lecture “Construction of Reality as an Applied Method”

On April 23rd at 6 PM artist Michael Kurzwelly will give a lecture titled „Construction of Reality as an Applied Method“, in which he will present his artistic practice. The lecture will be in English. Kurzwelly is currently staying in residency in Valga, where on April 11th he opened the exhibition “Reality is an Agreement”, which stimulates discussion among the people of Valga and Valka about their common life and the possibilities for a united town of Valgka.


Specially for this event, Tallinn Art Hall will on this occasion be open on Monday from 5PM. Admission is free.


“To reorder space, one needs to redefine space. For this kind of artistic intervention I use the term “applied art”, which means art applied in public context and space. This is to describe an artistic that focuses on problems in society to then intervene, interact and transcend into another construction of reality. I create the tools to create this new reality in other people’s minds.” – Michael Kurzwelly

Michael Kurzwelly is an artist and activist, who since 1999 works in the German-Polish border town Słubfurt, once also known as the two cities Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice. His work is based on identity processes and the applied method of construction of reality, in a context where two nation states formally divide a city. His project Nowa Amerika comprises the whole German-Polish border region up to the Baltic Sea. Kurzwelly’s approach is rooted in from the idea of democracy, his work is always collective and inclusive, leading to several civic initiatives that improve common life.