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Noora Nio-Juss. Covered

Noora Nio-Juss earned her bachelor’s degree from the department of painting at the Estonian Academy of Art in 2000 and completed her master’s degree at University of the Art Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.


Some time ago she started making woodcut prints – large and often labour-intensive formats with a recognisably painterly “pattern”, similar to the artist’s monotypes and gouache and oil paintings in their choice of themes and intensive expression. An important distinguishing aspect in her works is that the choice of technique is clearly articulated and demands to be considered more and more. The latest works by Noora have moved convincingly towards the graphic. She does not care much about the appeal of the reproducibility of print art. Images printed on thin paper by hand and often glued directly onto the wall are meant to only last for one exhibition.


Being cautious about conceptual flights of thought, she mainly focuses on the image, the medium and the technique in emphasising her message. “To me, printmaking means constant movement between an organised, regular and slow technique, and the expressive, physical and intuitive self of the painter,” Nio-Juss explains. Nature-inspired monumentality characteristic of Finnish art is also evident in Noora Nio-Juss’s work. She says about her exhibition Covered: “Nature is a place to escape, dissolve and hide, to become an organic part of a whole that is larger than human society”.


Noora Nio-Juss previously exhibited in Estonia at Draakoni Gallery in 2006.