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Looking for pedestrians for artist Hamza Beg’s project „Pedestrianism“

From September to October artist Hamza Beg will work in Tallinn as part of The Art of Being Good residency programme. During that time he will be facilitating a set of experimental workshops that will address various topics, such as: 


  • Power – who exercises it when and how can it transfer with consent?
  • Ideology – how is it built, reinforced and in what ways does it bring people together? 
  • Public – who is the pedestrian and what is their role and function in the public space? 
  • Language – how can we use our bodies to express and communicate outwardly without words?
  • Self – in what ways can we honour individualism while submitting to a larger whole?  


“Pedestrianism” is a young unformed set of ideas. It needs moulding and making. Over the course of four experimental workshops (and one presentation), we will gather as a group to define what Pedestrianism means in the city of Tallinn. Workshops involve walking (or wheelchair rolling) exercises, group discussions and collective performance. We will work towards a document that sums up the Pedestrian’s experience of Tallinn. To finish up our activities we will present our findings in a public event. 


If you walk in Tallinn and want to form a movement with others who walk in Tallinn then this is for you. Workshops will be held in English with translation to and from other languages dependant on participants. The workshops will take place on various Saturdays in September and October. The exact times will be agreed during the first meeting. 


To apply, please fill out a brief survey here. Application is open until 11 September 2022.


If you have any questions to the artist feel free to email:


We are committed to creating as safe a space as possible. No space is totally free of prejudice and as a facilitator the artist will do their utmost to make everyone feel safe and be available for those who do not.

Hamza Mohammed Beg is an artist and writer working with the ideas of place, the Pedestrian and the production of the public realm. Using audio, text and performance, he investigates collectivity, ideology and the politics of the everyday. In Berlin, Hamza’s work has been shown and performed in galleries and museums, bars and cafes. He has spoken at universities and conferences, at book presentations and parties. He makes little distinction between stages and is equally grateful for all platforms.


The Art of Being Good residency programme is organised by Tallinn Art Hall in partnership with Goethe-Institut Estland. The aim of this program is to spur artistic research and discourse in Tallinn on the topics of ecological awareness, environmental sustainability and the ethics of making art.