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Raho Langsepp

SOOLO concert

On Sunday, 14 April, Raho Langsepp will be treating us to an evening of exotic flute music as part of the SOOLO concert series at Tallinn Art Hall


Raho Langsepp has been performing and researching early European and Oriental music for over thirty years, with a special interest in the use of transverse flutes in medieval European music. He has honed his skills under the finest masters of their instruments, including V. Hemapala Perera (bansuri, Sri Lanka), W. Hazelzet (baroque flute, the Netherlands), as well as many others. Langsepp’s multicultural repertoire covers works for a wide array of instruments: from chinese flutes (dizi, dongxiao, xun) to flutes of the Andes (quena, siku, ocarina). The musician has also dabbled in instrument making, leading to the creation of a clay transverse flute in g and in c, a large bamboo bass flute otu in C, and tambroni, a string instrument.


For over 20 years now, Langsepp has been teaching recorder and bamboo flutes and holding lectures on the historical links between Oriental and Western music and the history of flute both in Estonia and abroad. He wrote his Master’s Thesis on the significance of meditation in the mastering of musical instruments. In addition to working as an active musician, Langsepp stands as the director of the FA Concerto concert agency and head of the FA Schola Centre for Early and Oriental Music within University of Tartu. He is also the founder and artistic director of the Tartu Early Music Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT (held annually since 1996). With his group “FA Schola Ensemble”, Langsepp has toured Europe, the USA, India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, South Korea, Russia, Iran and China, where amongst other concerts the ensemble participated in the first ASEM Culture and Arts Festival in Beijing in September 2009 and took part in the first early Occidental music festival organised in China by Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in 2016.

Raho Langsepp has released two CDs with FA Schola Ensemble: “The Sound of Medieval Flute” (2006) and “Music from the Time of Marco Polo” (2008).


SOOLO concerts are organised in collaboration with Tallinn Art Hall, curated by Robert Jürjendal.


Entrance to the concert with Tallinn Art Hall exhibition ticket.