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Tour and public discussion at Oliver Ressler’s exhibition ‘Barricading the Ice Sheets’

On Sunday, 16 October, we invite you to participate in the public programme of Oliver Ressler’s exhibition Barricading the Ice Sheets.


The programme starts at 1 pm with a guided tour at the exhibition, followed by a panel discussion with environmental activists Kertu Birgit Anton (Loodusvõlu / Fridays For Future), Loora Kaubi and Mattias Veller (Fridays For Future), Piret Väinsalu (climate expert at the Estonian Fund for Nature) and Hannes Liitmäe (Estonian Greens). The discussion will be moderated by Julia Policheva, leader of NGO People With Purpose.


The purpose of the programme is to bring together NGOs and activists dealing with climate and environmental issues, in order to open a dialogue between them and broaden the audience’s knowledge of the irreversible environmental damage in Ida-Viru County and the activists’ fight against it.


We invite you to think along and discuss the situation in Ida-Viru County as well as the role and contribution of environmental activists in Estonia in general.



Hannes Liitmäe is an environmental activist from Tallinn. The most important topics for him are forests, toxin and pollution free Estonia, renewable energy, circular economy and wildlife conservation. He is a member of the political party Eestimaa Rohelised (Estonian Greens) and also belongs to the board of the party’s Tallinn branch. Recently, he has mainly dealt with the issues related to stopping the Lahekalda development project, and to the Nõmme-Mustamäe landscape protection area.


Julia Policheva is the leader of the climate activists in Ida-Viru County, NGO People With Purpose. She has been Estonia’s representative at climate conferences and is actively involved in ensuring the transition to a climate-friendly future in Ida-Viru County. Julia considers it very important that citizens have a platform through which they can actively participate in law-making.


Kertu Birgit Anton is a young Estonian environmental activist who actively fights for climate protection. She is a communications manager at Fridays For Future and its representative in the trial against a new oil refinery in Ida-Viru County. She also actively directs the attention of Estonians against the abuse of nature and climate.


Loora Kaubi and Mattias Veller are artists who wish to contribute to the preservation of our planet through their creative activity. They help Fridays For Future carry out climate strikes. In September this year they organised an art action in Tammsaare Park in Tallinn that illustrated air pollution in Ida-Viru County. Both have graduated from the painting department at the Estonian Academy of Arts and furthered their education at the sculpture department of the Vienna Academy of Arts.



Piret Väinsalu is a climate expert at the Estonian Fund for Nature, who works to educate people about climate change. Her goal is to raise awareness of environmental problems in Estonia and their connection with global warming. In 2021, Piret was also active in involving young people in the climate assembly.




1 pm – guided tour at the exhibition

1:45 pm – tea break and looking around at the exhibition independently

2:15 pm – group discussion with environmental activists

3:15 pm – end of programme


Both the guided tour and the panel discussion will be held in Estonian. Entrance with an exhibition ticket.


Please find the information about the accessibility of Tallinn Art Hall and its galleries as well as ticket information on our website.


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