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Sirja-Liisa Eelma. Painting, 2019

Sirja-Liisa Eelma and Mari Kurismaa. Repeating Patterns

Curator Tamara Luuk

Sirja-Liisa Eelma (1973) has created a large number of oil paintings for this joint exhibition with Mari Kurismaa. These are luminous pictures, in which the image opens like a blossom or a door into a brightly lit pictorial space. After a long period away from fine art, Mari Kurismaa (1956) has returned to painting. With a distinct golden longing and this new beginning, she continues where she left off at the end of the 1990s. But those views of closed windows have now been replaced by rich patterned fields, looking outside the room. From where do these two artists get their brightness and hope at a time that does not exactly offer joyful perspectives? Go and ask them, even better – come and see!


Mari Kurismaa is an interior designer and artist, who has for the last couple of decades been active as a recognised interior designer and exhibition designer. During the couple of decades preceding this Mari painted striking paintings of time and space brought to a standstill, with predominantly geometric compositions and images – “metaphysical landscapes”. She was awarded the Kristjan Raud art award for her painting in 1994.


After completing her MA in painting at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1996, Sirja-Liisa Eelma has remained consistently dedicated to painting. She has had over a dozen solo exhibitions. Her work attempts to halt and intensify the notion of time by means of a dense minimalist repetition.