Fragment of a ceiling light module.
Photo: Silja Saarepuu. 2018

Small Monumentalists

Curators and artists: Villu Plink ja Silja Saarepuu

Glass artists, Aet Andersma-Tamm and Mare Soovik-Lobjakas, with their monumental grasp, and the bards of the “small people”, Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink, will meet at the gallery space, which will meld the innovativeness of the works that so animated the interior designs of the 1970s and 1980s and an anonymous modern interpretation of tradition. The younger brother of the grandiose light fixture, which was installed in the restaurant at Viru hotel in 1972, and once consisted of 8,000 glass modules, will be created for the exhibition: a glass cloud consisting of a few hundred modules rescued from the rubbish dump. The latter’s out-of-time “monumentality” relates to the contemporary disjointedness of Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink’s “small people”.


Next door at Vabaduse Gallery from the end of July until mid-August one can visit a survey exhibition by two grand old ladies’ of glass art – Aet Andresma-Tamm and Mare Soovik-Lobjakas.