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SOLO I Peeter Rebane

On Sunday, 5 September at 4 pm, the SOLO concert series at Tallinn Art Hall will present Peeter Rebane and his multi-layered journeys on guitar.


It all started when I once went for a walk in nature, taking a guitar and looper pedal with me instead of a photo camera to document the surroundings. It was wintertime on the northern coast of Estonia – very uncomfortable and cold… Strangely enough, it was in these circumstances that “my own” long-sought sound of began to clear. I guess you have to be a little cold and sore to find inspiration.


The ideas that emerged from these walks were part of the moment and the surroundings, therefore the idea of presenting them in an artificial environment seemed strange to me at first. Maybe I should instead take the audience with me to the freezing cold forest? Luckily, as a result of searches and experiments, it became clear that nature remains a part of this music, wherever it is performed – even in the concert hall.


ISE (SELF) is a programme of original music performed on guitar with looper pedal. Besides nature I have also drawn inspiration from imaginary historical events and the micro-, macro- and semicosms between people and other things.


ISE means journeying alone, without an ensemble and conversation partners or supportive surroundings. However, meeting the listener is always the sweet destination in even the most solitary creative journey. This is the final station, arrival, but also an exam.


Starting from 26 August a valid proof of one of the following must be shown at entrance to Tallinn Art Hall and its galleries:
a) COVID-19 EU vaccination certificate
b) COVID-19 certificate of recovery
c) a negative PCR-test (within 72h prior entrance)


The SOOLO concerts are organised in cooperation with the Tallinn Art Hall, curator Robert Jürjendal.