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SOOLO I Reet Sukk

Recorders, flutes, flageolet

On Sunday, 30 May 30 at 6 pm, Reet Sukk will perform with her charmingly vibrant flutes at the Tallinn Art Hall as part of the SOLO concert series!


Reet Sukk introduces her upcoming concert as follows: “As an ensemble musician, the idea of a solo concert first seemed a bit strange to me, but after a brief moment of confusion, I realised that I wouldn’t be alone on stage. The more I thought about it, the more diversified the group of my “friends” participating in the concert became. It is a pity that I inevitably have to leave some of them behind. Only a small part of them, about a dozen instruments, can join me on stage: some recently made, other over 250 years old; some made from simple Estonian maple, others from the tusk of a mammoth that lived 45,000 years ago. They are all equally dear to me with their different stories and tunes. Indeed, wind players themselves do not produce sounds: only when they manage to reach an agreement with the family of flutes will the instruments agree to tell stories that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation. Some of these songs are very old and have delighted the listeners for centuries, yet there are also many new works. The initial agreements seem to be valid and all my instrument friends have promised to come and share their stories. You are very welcome to join us!”

Like many Estonian early music players, Reet Sukk too started her career as a member of the early music ensemble Viljandi Linnakapell. Since then, recorders and flutes from the time when they were still made from wood have never disappeared from her orbit of interest. Heino Jürisalu and Aago Rääts with the Consortium ensemble as well as Taivo Niitvägi with the Town Musicians (Linnamuusikud) were her most important points of reference before the founding of Cantores Vagantes ( The latter, together with the Renaissance recorder ensemble Gamut Consort has remained the main creative laboratory for Sukk. After expectably graduating from the Tallinn Conservatory, Sukk studied recorder and baroque flute at the Hague Conservatory in the Netherlands and has since shared her knowledge at the Georg Ots Music School, the Academy of Music and Theatre and the Recorder School at Nõmme Hobby School ( in Tallinn. “The musical heritage I have discovered is so rich that I would like to share it with everyone, but I can’t do it alone,” says Reet Sukk. “This is why Taavi-Mats Utt and I established the early music festival Tallinn feat. Reval (”


Tickets are available for pre-sale at Fienta here.


Due to the 50 percent capacity and the 2+2 requirements, the number of tickets available is limited. We kindly ask you to wear a face mask at the concert.


The SOOLO concerts are organised in cooperation with the Tallinn Art Hall, curator Robert Jürjendal.

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