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Special tour with artists at the exhibition Immerse!

You are kindly invited to join a special tour at the exhibition Immerse! on 25 March at 12 pm at Tallinn Art Hall’s Lasnamäe Pavilion. The tour will be conducted by curator Corina L. Apostol and will be joined by artists Alyona Movko-Mägi, Ami Clarke and Laura Kuusk.


The event is free and held in English.


The exhibition Immerse! shows us the ways our modern life is intertwined with virtual reality, that is, what is taking place on the Internet and on the computer. How does it change our perception of space and time? How does today’s computer technology affect art and state management? What are the rights we have to fight for?


Artworks displayed emphasise and comment on the issues of political urgency today, asking viewers to reconsider their relationship to the virtual dimensions of reality, by posing questions such as: How can virtual reality, understanding it as computer-generated public space in all forms possible, contribute to current political and social
discourses? What is the potential of virtual reality within the field of art? The artists in this exhibition help us give shape and clarity to this moment through their expression about what we are losing, how we are changing, and what the digital “poster children” or the virtual totems of the current crises will be.


The exhibition is realised within the framework of Beyond Matter, an international collaborative practice-based research project that brings cultural heritage and culture in development to the verge of virtual reality. Tallinn Art Hall has been part of this project since 2019, and the upcoming exhibition and catalogue mark the conclusion of this multi-year endeavour. This common undertaking seeks to engage with a contemporary shift – largely attributable to the rapid development, ubiquitous presence and use of computation and information technology – in the production and mediation of visual art within institutional frameworks. Beyond Matter is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.