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Taavi Suisalu

As part of the public programme for the exhibition “Global Control and Censorship” at Tallinn Art Hall, a concert entitled “Etudes in Black” by artist Taavi Suisalu will take place on 25 May at 6pm. Entrance to the concert with a valid exhibition ticket.

While listening to the skies, Suisalu has found the peak engineering achievement of the Cold War – abandoned satellites still in orbit. The wonky signals still emitted by these tired devices may be useless in terms of their initial purpose, but they have found an unexpected new life through the artist. Although the basic material is pre-recorded, the sounds heard at the concert will depend on which satellites will be passing above our heads at the time.


Taavi Suisalu (1982) is an Estonian artist, who works with technological art, performance and sound art, with an interest in various socio-cultural phenomena and their effect on the behaviour, senses and thinking of social beings. He has studied sociology and computer sciences at Tartu University, and in 2010 he graduated from Department of Media and Advertisement Design at Tartu Art College and received an MA in 2014 from the Department of New Media at the Estonian Academy of Arts.


In 2016, Suisalu participated in the V Artishok Bienale at NO99 Theatre curated by Evelyn Raudsepp and in January 2017 had a solo exhibition at Hobusepea Gallery entitled “Landscapes and Portraits”