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Workshop: “Journey on the rainbow” by the Estonian Folk Tradition School

31.10.2019, kell 17:30
Tallinn Art Hall (Vabaduse väljak 8)
Pre-registration required
Piletiinfo: 6 / 3 €


“Journey on the rainbow”


Autumn is a time of souls with Allsaintstide and Christmas coming up. That world is full of extraordinary energy that reaches our doorstep, it has the power and might to impact our world too. That we do well, that we are lucky. That we notice, listen and sense the depth we can reach by connecting to the invisible world that exists around us. “Journey on the rainbow – from the other world to this world” – this is how we can describe the ways in which nature and the invisible world have an effect on our activities. This is play, song, dance, movement, improvisation, a desire to reach beyond.


Autumnal traditions and ceremonies are like a piece of musical theatre in a peculiar form. It is not only the dress-up traditions that provide the connection between the two worlds but also the calm and silent air, the smell of rain and bird knocking on the window. This is a story about us and for us. To find ourselves. To rediscover ourselves. An insight into the world of our traditions.

Terje Puistaja is the executive and programme director and lecturer at the Estonian Folklore School. She has graduated from the Department of Ethnology and Folklore (MA), Department of Literature and Folklore in the Faculty of Philosophy, supplemental study programme of Theatre Arts Viljandi Culture Academy in University of Tartu. Her interests include andragogy, pedagogy and didactics in higher education, which she has studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education in Tartu University. Her research interests include folk calendar, folk games, family traditions and methods of teaching folklore. Above all, she is a seeker of internal traditions, songs and improvisation.


Estonian Folklore School connects generations and builds bridges between the old and the new world. It is like a museum-school that focuses on documentation and research but equally on sharing and creating. Through various forms of teaching the spiritual and material legacy of the past and today is introduced – folklore, Estonian traditional folk culture, our traditional thinking and background. In 2019 Estonian Folklore School celebrates its 12th year. Additional information:


The workshop is part of a series of events connecting Tallinn Photomonth’s three main exhibitions, where the curators of the main exhibitions were asked to propose an event for one other of the biennial’s main locations.


The workshop by Estonian Folklore School was proposed for the exhibition “Mercury” at Tallinn Art Hall (curated by Post Brothers) by Hanna Laura Kaljo, a freelance curator who researched the intersection of healing and creativity in her curatorial exhibition “Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out”. The exhibition curated by Kaljo is open at Kai Art Center until 1 December.


Additional information and registration until 29 October: