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Tour with curator Corina L. Apostol and artist Ala Younis at the exhibition “What Makes Another World Possible?”

Join us for unique tour with curator Corina L. Apostol and artist Ala Younis at the exhibition “What Makes Another World Possible?”!


The exhibition looks at socially engaged art in the last decade and the role of art in social and political struggles. The exhibited works provide an overview of how art has been used as a tool for shaping society in the last decade.


Corina L. Apostol, the curator of the exhibition, remarks that when compiling the exhibition, she was guided by the belief that artists contribute to some of the most crucial debates of our times and that their voices are significant in shaping society and imagining how it could be different. “The work of the artists in this exhibition brings together the various facets of art, activism and global politics,” she says. The exhibition gives an idea of which current issues speak to artists and how art is responding to the present political questions and relating to the global situation here and now.
The exhibition includes works by: Alina Bliumis, Zach Blas, Chto Delat?, Vala T. Foltyn, Núria Güell, Sandra Kosorotova, Kristina Norman, Daniela Ortiz, Tanja Ostojić, Lia Perjovschi, Dan Perjovschi, Dushko Petrovich, Urmas Viik and Ala Younis.


Corina L. Apostol is a curator at the Tallinn Art Hall and the curator of the Estonian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale. She curated the Shelter Festival: “Cosmopolitics, Comradeship, and the Commons,” at the Space for Free Arts in Helsinki (2019). She was the Mellon Fellow at Creative Time, where she co-edited “Making Another World Possible: 10 Creative Time Summits, 10 Global Issues, 100 Art Projects” and co-curated the Creative Time Summit: “On Archipelagoes and Other Imaginaries” (2018) in Miami.


Ala Younis is a research-based artist based in Aman. Collaboration forms a big part of her practice, as do curating and joint book projects. Using objects, film, and printed matter, Younis often seeks instances where historical and political events collapse into personal ones. She is co-founder of the publishing initiative Kayfa ta, on the advisory board of Berlinale’s Forum Expanded, and a member of the Academy of Arts of the World (Cologne).


The tour is held in English, duration 1h, entrance with an exhibition ticket.
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