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Video installation by Angelika Herta, The Calling displayed on the windows of Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

From 24 October, The Calling, a video installation by artist Angelika Herta will be displayed on the windows of Tallinn Art Hall Gallery. The work was created in the context of the residency programme The Art of Being Good at Tallinn Art Hall in 2023, supported by the Goethe-Institut Estland and the Estonian Folklore Archives Tartu. The video installation can be viewed until 3 November.


The Calling interweaves found calls, songs, charms and spells with interactions between two young women and their rescued livestock animals. The aim of the residency programme The Art of Being Good is to spur artistic research and discourse in Tallinn on the topics of ecological awareness, environmental sustainability and the ethics of making art. Although tackling the ecological, social and economic components of the crisis is normal in art, artworks and exhibitions rarely direct attention towards their own role in the ruinous sequence of events.


The residency complements Tallinn Art Hall’s ongoing exhibition series which pays special attention both to the possibility of being good and to ecological responsibility in conditions of certain destruction. Previous exhibitions in the series have been The Art of Being Good in 2019 and Pine-fulness in 2021. 

Angelika Herta currently lives in Cologne. She completed her Masters in Media and Fine Art at The Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2021. She received a 6-month working scholarship for her project We Animals from the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW and is currently a participant in ESoDoc – European Social Documentary training initiative with her documentary film We Animals.